Lure retriever

Has anyone ever cut a slot in their paddle for a lure retriever. I see the factory ones are one the bottom but I think it would be better on top.

That’s an interesting idea. A small screw eye driven into the side of the paddle end and opened a bit would allow you to slip your line into the eye and then push the paddle down to the lure. One push and the lure ought to come free. Would work in moderate depths.

I might just try that!

I use my rod tip
When I get hung up underwater, I reel the line in until the lure touches the tip top on the rod and then use the rod to push the lure “backwards” to free it. They only times I have ever had this not work were when the rod was not long enough or when the lure was not hooked but wrapped around a snag. A paddle-based release would not work in these cases either.


But I’m going to.

Brilliant idea.

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I wonder if I can figure out how to rig a long pruner for stream fishing to get flys out of hard to reach snags. It seems that spruce trees have a way of jumping behind me to catch my back cast, then they laugh…

Instead of a pruner
Look into a golf ball retriever. They collapse to less than four feet and can extend to 15. Could also be used as a wading staff.

Doggy Leash
I use a store-bought one made from lead with a curly thing on the side to wrap around the line. But instead of a rope I use a Wind Up Doggy Leash. 16’ long and when stowed takes up little room.