Lutra Indian Girl

Just wondering if anyone has seen, paddled of built one of these? Lutra Indian Girl

Just stumbled across it last night doing some web surfing and it really has my attention. While a kayak is my primary interest this looks like a good boat to get on the lake or creek and do some fishing out of. Camping looks like it would be OK but I don’t think I like the storage and the access to much. Otherwise it looks pretty interesting.

Good fishing craft
It looks like a good fishing boat to me. I might be interrested in building one but 98 bucks sounds a little hight just for plans.

I think so too
I was thinking the same thing about the price.

But it does look great for fishing doesn’t it?

pirogue instead
For about half that price you can get a complete frame kit for an uncle johns pirogue which will be easier to build and also great fo fishing

pirogue not the same as Lutra
Lutra looks like it will have decent secondary stability judging by the cross-section image. Pirogues have little.

Nice design. Looks real close to something I sketched a while back.

Price does look a bit high.

Thanks but…
Thanks for the tip about the pirogue but that is not what I am looking for. Not sure I am looking for this but it has really intrigued me. First canoe other that strip Wee Lass variants that has caught my eye. Still thinking seriously about building one. I was going to build two Kayaks but I am thinking maybe one of these instead.

Regardless, I don’t buy kits. I am a avid woodworker so I would just build from scratch.

If you have not already…
check out the plans available from Bear Mountain Boatworks. They offer quite a variety and have some excellent designs.