As there are rowing machines are there kayaking machines for off the water/off season practice?

yes, google kayak ergometer ,nm


to name a couple…

KayakPro makes a kayak ergometer called the SpeedStroke:

Or you could potentially make your own like I did:

I’m working on version 2.0 in the garage now…

Sounds about as exciting as cycling “on the rollers” in the basement over the winter.

Yes, I know, but it is great when the water is frozen or when the only time you have available is after dark.

Version 2.0 is complete

Another vid of homemade kayak ergomer
Made from a Nordic Track ski machine…

Nordic Track to Kayak erg manual
Full manual on how to convert a used nordic track ski machine to a fully functional kayak erg

The erg works great and is just as fluid and water like as any commercial unit.

Here we are a few years later but I’ve finally gotten down to a sleek, compact design that doesn’t look like it has a bed frame on the front of it. Plans will be coming in February 2018.