Mackenzie River

Hey to all!

I’m beginning to plan a 2 person paddling(canoe) trip on the Mackenzie to the Beaufort Sea. Has anyone done this trip or have any advice? We’re planning on starting August 20th and taking about 35 or 40 days to do so. We’re a bit worried about ice-up, but it doesn’t sound like that should happen until mid-October. We are also thinking about talking with some companies for possible sponsorship…maybe hooking up some prodeals. Any suggestions? We will be working at Canoecopia in Madison, WI this March.

Also, does anyone have or know of a good link for plans on making a canoe paddle? I’d like to make a laminated paddle not just a one-piece.

Thanks for any help/advice!


Contact Greg Allen
here is a link to his website

Its a great website. He is working to have handicap accessible campsites on the Mackenzie

yeah me jen
Jen- Hey good trip. I did the Mac solo in 98 actually starting on the athabasce/ slave then the mackenzie to tuktoyaktuk. I did the 2000 miles in 7 weeks. You can do the mac in about 20-30 days…dont rush. I ended the 17 of August and that was sort of getting to the end of the line for being in that area. Its compared to november in the lower-48. The vegitation was already in fall bloom at the sea. It snowed the day i flew out. Why not leave earlier? In my opinion your really putting the success on the line by going that late. Im not saying it cant be done, its just your odds just dropped bigtime! email more…i have extensive info and suggestions on the trip, more than you can find surfing the net.

Here is a story written about my trip in Paddler Magazine:

Here is info on the Mackenzie River Paddlers Association: ( i have a bunchof info posted here too):

Yeah Jen .please eamil me, id like toknow where your at with planning and such, i can and would like to help.

Take care


Re: McKenzie River
Jen,I don’t know if you are interested in changing rivers, but there is a couple who will be paddling the Horton River, Northwest Territories, this July. They usually go north alone every year for a month to paddle but this year they are looking for four people to accompany them. They leave June 28 for Inuvik, fly to Horton Lake, and paddle down the Horton River. They would like to make a side trip to Paulatuk, a native settlement. It is a trip of a lifetime - lots of wildlife, and the Smoking Hills to be seen. Also, you would be going with someone with plenty of experience. If you or anyone else might be interested contact Ted and Freda Melenthin 604-826-0080 or

Thanks for the offer but unfortunately we both cannot leave until mid-August due to work. Work always gets in the way, doesn’t it?

The first week of September in the Delta is magnificent as far as colours go. I didn’t think anything would compare to the fall colour change in Ontario but I was wrong.

I’d love to do the trip but I don’t have the time.