Macon GA

Are there any good fishing rivers near Macon GA. I have to spend 3 - 4 months there starting in July and am curious if it would be worth bringing my kayak.


Mid-Ga fishing
By all means, bring your yak! The Ocmulgee River runs right through Macon. I’ve never fished it there, but I used to fish north of Macon a lot. Starting below Jackson Lake Dam the river has off and on shoals(class 1 & 2) almost to Macon. Lots of bass(large mouth & shoal bass). West of Macon is the Flint River. River fishing doesn’t get much better than the Flint. It’s to rocky for motor boats so us paddlers have it pretty much to ourselves. Highway 18/74 to Hwy 19 is the best. Lots of shoal bass. Class 1 & 2 shoals almost all the way. Below Hwy 36 is Yellow Jacket Shoals(class 3, maybe 4 in high water).So watch out. Check out for more places.


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Sounds pretty good. Not looking forward to GA in July, I have been told it gets hot there, but I will definatly bring my kayak and give it a go.