Mad River - 14' or 16'

I’m a beginner at canoeing and typically hit the float trips during the summer and also would like to get my kids involved more. I’m looking at a Mad River 14’ Canoe for about $250 and it’s in great shape and only 3 yrs old. Is it worth it or should I be looking at a 16’ canoe??? Any advice is welcome. thanks in advance.

Any canoe is worth 250$…

I’m surprised however that a MR would be that low. Can’t hurt to get it.

I feel it has size limitations…a 16ft would would be better, fast, track more straight etc…however can’t believe you would find one for under 800$

That 14’ Mad River is probably a
36" wide Triple Tough plastic tub. Rather wide and pokey for solo paddling, and limited for tandem use. Also very heavy for loading and carrying.

The 16’ Mad Rivers I know, such as the Explorer (actually a bit longer than 16’) are hard for a solo paddler to handle in wind or heavy water, though a smallish friend used to run Chattooga 4 and the upper Conasauga with us in an Explorer.

You should inquire about the exact Mad River models you’re looking at. Hard to advise you without that info.

It’s winter now. Go slow on the purchase and be sure of what you’re getting.

It is probably worth it, because anything made by Mad River in decent shape will have a resale value of 250. If that is your budget by all means get it.

That said, most any tandem canoe that is 14’ long will not be a great performer in any respect. That is to say, less fast, less stable, less capable in rough water (so less safe), and less capable of carrying camping stuff, and harder to keep in a straight line.

For day trips on calm water it could be lots of fun and a fantastic value.

Owned the 14TT
It was closer to 15’. If that’s the boat and you’re interested in a review, I’ll tell you about it. I’m too slow a typist to waste time otherwise.