Mad River 19' ???

This is posted on CL:

My guess is the measurement is off or it could be a TW Special or maybe a Lamoille! I can’t recall a MR that was 19’ in length. Anyone know if there is such a beast out there? I am so tempted!


I think the measurement may be off
It doesn’t seem to have enough thwarts for a 19 foot RX boat. That the seller used the word “support” might indicate other inaccuracies.

Golly it doesn’t look like a Lamoille

Or TW Special

But you’re BACK!!

19’ Royalex?
thanks Kim for posting the 1980 catalog. The TW Special and Lamoille were only made in composite. But the catalog does show a Voyageur in royalex at a touch over 18’ and its lines look more like the canoe in the photos. The lack of thwarts and what looks like a wide paddling thwart in the center are odd for a long royalex canoe. Royalex needs more crossbars to help the gunwales hold shape in a long hull.


Looks Like A 16’ Poly
I can’t remember the model name but it looks to me like one of the early polyethylene hulls.

Perhaps if the wood and hull are
distorted around the center, the extreme ends of the boat have been able to drift apart by enough that the guy with the tape got a 19’ estimate?

“…do not ask what is it?

Let us go and make our visit.”

Looks like a
16 foot boat to me. I recall once I was looking for a 20 foot Old Town Tripper. There was an ad on Craigslist about 3 hours away. I called the guy and he seemed to know what he was talking about. Price was right. I went down there only to discover that it was a 16 foot Old Town Camper with the name of his son “tripper” on one of the decks. Ugh.

“tripper” might want to have his DNA
checked against his “father’s”.