Mad River Adventure 16 Canoe or SOT?

-- Last Updated: Jan-23-04 7:53 PM EST --

Just opened my new Canoe & Kayak and there is this ugly duckling on page 7 courtesy of Mad River. Rotomolded thing with folding seat backs and can holders. Is it a deep SOT or a shallow canoe? I'll bet it is heavy, will check the web site and see if it is listed yet. Yup it's 79# and the web site says the picture is a CAD model and the actual boat might differ slightly so there aren't any in the real world yet.

Hate to Say It, But…
…it looked kinda “Cheesy” to me. I remember when I always wanted a Mad River, looked at them as the “Cadillac” of the canoe world years ago. Then I finally was able to get a used one. Loved that boat! Now, looks like they’ve re-invented the Yugo! WW

Agree with Mike and String on this
Looks like a durable ole plasti-boat for the cottage or a first boat for the uninitiated. Or a new entry for the Seals for beach landings!!! (grin) I’m glad minds are still at work out there for boat ideas. Whether they flop or not.

I’m going to buy one…I’ll let you all know how it turns out