Mad River Adventure 16

Has anyone had any experience with the Mad River Adventure 16 canoe? I’m looking for a stable, durable, affordable canoe to use for fishing with my two sons (age 11 and 9). There are no reviews on this canoe in product reviews. Any input would be appreciated.

I paddled with a guy Saturday who
has one. It is everything you want , but it is HEAVY! Like someone here described it - “the F150 of canoes”.I helped him load it - I think he said it weighs about 80lbs.

He was able to maintain a good pace with it on windy flatwater, 3-3.5 mph,paddling solo.

I was in the same boat last year
I ended up getting a Galyans Woodsman . It’s made for them by Bell and is the same hull as the Bell Northwind in royalex at 16 ft 6 in. i can’t say enough good things about this boat. I got mine for 540.00. Good luck

It looks like a good “visitors boat” . One that if I had need of would make a good boat for guests to paddle on my lake. You are doomed to sit and cant vary your position, which is one of the virtues of a canoe IMHO ( I love to sit, or kneel, or half of each and move around otherwise GOD would have made kayaks).

O please dont take this on a portage. I know you will have to drag this beast and that is not kind for the rocks or dirt.

go for it
I took a mad river explorer on a 2300 mile trip down the Mississippi river. Great stable canoe. The worst thing I can say about it is that it is quite heavy. I not sure how the adventure relates to the explorer…but if they are anything similar, I would say, go for it!