mad river borealis canoe

? Anyone how any experience with a Mad River Borealis 17&1/2 foot tripping canoe ? comments pro or con compared to other tripping canoes? Thanks…

I recall seeing the Borialis announced
in the press, but Mad River does not have it on their website. Is’t it similar or an update of their Kevlar Horizon, which was of the same length? Anyway, the 17.5 Horizon was fast and had just enough capacity for tripping. I would not have wanted to do intermittent whitewater in Canadian rivers in it, because it was (is) not that maneuverable.

Found it on an older MR page.
Looks good. A softened V (like I have on my MR Synergy) is a good thing. The “spray rails” have already proved themselves on certain Bluewater canoes, but don’t expect too much from them alone. It really depends more on the overall flare of the bow.

It still isn’t a boat I would try to take through long Canadian rapids.