"Mad River Canoe" decals

I would like to know where I can purchase a pair the white “Mad River Canoe” decals for of my canoe? I’m looking for the letters not the rabbit logo. My Explorer is 15 to 20 years old.


Write them
I wrote them a few years back requesting extra rabbit stickers, twice, and both times got a quick friendly response full of stickers.

If they don’t maintain that level of customer service these days, google some lettering/sticker sights. In Oklahoma we have to put big obnoxious numbers on our boat so I found some that matched the Mad River script and it looks like it was made that way.

Good Luck,


Sign guy here
Go to any local sign shop. Take a sample of the font (character shape) or graphic that you want. They can whip out any decal you want. Probably cheap also. Here in canada we sell the 3" high 5-8 digit boat reg numbers for $20 per set. Ready in hour after you place order.

Good luck finding the old style decals
If you’re talking about the old style stickers like on my Malecite:


Good luck and let me know where you find them. I was able to purchase the current decals (uppercase Italics font) from Rutabaga. This decal looks like the logo on the Mad River webpage:


I can take a picture of the new decal if you need it.


I may be able to help.
I may be able to help you out. If anybody knows the font, let me know, otherwise it may take a day or so to vectorize what I can get off the net. I have access to a 24" vinyl cutter, so I can pretty much do whatever size you need.

Shoot me an e-mail as to how tall/long you are looking for. If I can fit it into one of my other jobs, I’ll just charge you whatever it costs for shipping. Otherwise, I can’t see it being anymore than $10 or so if I have to do it seperately.