Mad River Canoe Decals

I’m refinishing a boat right now. Where could I source Mad River Canoe decals for the sides of the Canoe. Mad River won’t sell to me. Please advise

Sign Shop?
Many sign shop will take a photo and with some sort of digital doo dad can pretty well replicate anything. If you still have the original decal on the boat maybe take it in to them.

May not be exact but close enough so not noticable.

good luck


Ditto sign shop.

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If you can't find a good example for them to copy, I can make "rubbings" of the graphics you want (Indy?)and send them to you. A good sign guy will be able to make vinyl to "close enough" specs. The problem may be with the smoking bunny logo. You'll need to scan a nice, clean printed graphic from an old catalog or print ad. You're not trying to disguise a boat of less worthy heritage, are you? That's why "MR" won't sell to you. Oops! Did I say sign 'guy'? I meant sign PERSON. (This, from being constantly surrounded by females, work AND home. Lesson: Be careful what you wish for.) Oh, and wait! I have the owner's manual that came with my Independence that has a nice big bunny logo on it that I can scan for you, too.

Shh…don’t tell anyone…
When Mad River (Confluence) was dismantling the Vermont facility to move it to North Carolina (boo hiss), let’s just say a nice stash of MRC stickers ended up in my posession. Email me with what you are looking for. You may get lucky.

Remember, Confluence modified the type face and logo when they took it south (circa 2001-2002). I have the original stuff.


ask a dealer
When you say Mad River won’t sell them to you that comes as no surprise as they will not deal directly with the customer. Contact a Mad River dealer and they can order them for you.

No, I’m not trying
to disguise a boat. I’m just trying to get the Indy looking good

the credit of confluence, they did send me a few bunny stickers but I swear they gave me the wrong color on purpose so I wouldn’t put them on the boat.

you’ll still get the sinister slitty-eyed southern incarnation and that computer-generated ugly typeface.

If you can hook up with openboater you’re golden. If you have a genuine Mad River, dress it in real Mad River livery.

Mad river stickers
Just found your posting on the MD stickers. I was told I could get the stickers from a dealer-just the bunny logo- but they are different that the ones the canoe has-84’ malecite,I’m in process of refurbushing-Do you still have any left?? the one I have-only one side is still legible- is white and has “waitsfield vermont” as part of the inscription. Your reply is highly appreciated

Mad River Stickers
Hi Just found this posting and have restored a 70’s


Do you still have stickers I can get from you??


I need a new madriver decal for my boat…did you have any luck finding them. If anyone knows how to buy the Madriver logo decal for the side of my canoe please email me at caseylborch (at)

mad river canoe stickers
I have mad river canoe stickers!!!

you can email me…

mad river stickers

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email me for mad river canoe stickers...

Im looking for the “Mad River Canoe” decals that are white and rounded (not the block letters) I need 10-12 of them, would you have some for sale?

looking for mad river stickers
Good afternoon, Openboater

I’m refurbishing a friend’s Mad River Revelation with gold decals. (Was on the top of his car when the carport collapsed under weight of snow). Looking for side decals and the rabbit stickers. If you don’t have gold, I’m thinking black would work. (The canoe is a sand royalex)

Thank you for your reply


looking for mad river stickers
Good afternoon, again, Openboater

You may reach me at: if you wish.

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