Mad River Canoe identification

I have an old kevlar Mad River Canoe that I got out of my friend’s barn, which is in need of a total restoration. All of the wood components were removed, and the gunwales are nowhere to be found. I also don’t know if the seats and thwarts that I have actually go with the canoe.

What I do know is that the serial # on the boat is MADS22000876. The boat is just over 16’, and seems to like being around 30" wide at the gunwales, give or take a few inches.

If anyone is able to decipher the serial number and tell me what this canoe is, I would appreciate it!

Probably a Malecite
This was made in 1976 so its very early model that is likely a Malecite

I think…

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it's either a Malecite or a Screamer. From what I can tell from the catalog, in '76 they offered those two boats in kevlar that year. I originally thought it was the screamer, though now that I have it braced back into what I think is it's shape, I'm leaning more towards the Malecite.

Mad River ID
This may help you, OR it could confuse the matter further. I had an '92 Malacite, serial number MAD6X099K192-K. Here’s how that number was broken down for me by the Henrys (so we know that this info is correct, at least for this particular boat:)

MAD (Manufacturer)

6X (the designation for a Malacite)

099 (the 99th boat of this type built that year)

K (the month of manufacture, in this case November

192 (year of manufacture, 1992

-K (Kevlar)

Hope this helps. It is, of course, possible that the numbering system changed over the years, but I have the feeling that the 6X designation for Malacite was a constant. Great luck!

If you haven’t ruled out the Screamer; let me know. I’ll give you the serial number of the Screamer I own. That would give you an example of a known Screamer’s serial number.