Mad River Canoe Identification

I just purchased a canoe after a 10 year hiatus. I bought what I think is a Mad River Endurall from 1973 but the seller wasn’t sure of the model. It’s in pretty good shape except for the need for some gelcoat repair and the need to replace the gunwale.

I tried contacting MRC but haven’t gotten a reply yet (2 Weeks).

The Serial number is: VTB6009 OM73K

If I’m reading this right could this be the 9th production model of the first Kevlar Canoes commercially made?

Excited to get a second opinion.

Also does anyone out there have a catalog picture or specifications?

Thanks for the great help.


First Canoe Model?

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If I'm not mistaken, it was Jim Henry's first and similar to if not the same as the Explorer 16 or Malecite, can't remember which?

Doubt it is a Mad River
The MIC (manufacturer’s identification code) for Mad River Canoe is MAD and as far as I know it always has been.

The MIC VTB was assigned to the Vermont Tubbs Inc formerly of Wallingford, VT, which has been out of business since March 1979 (and that is all I know about Vermont Tubbs).

Your boat was built in June 1973. I know that Mad River Canoe typically added a K to the end of the HIN on their Kevlar boats. Perhaps Vermont Tubbs did the same.

According to this chronology Mad River only made the Endurall from 1974-1980 so it is doubtful that your boat is one of those:

It might help if you could put up some pictures.

Looks like MRC took down their
early catalogs from the website. I have a 1976 and 1977 catalog.

The Endurall was their first Royalex hull. I don’t believe it was ever made in Kevlar. Email and I can send you a pdf of the catalog or the Endurall page.

Didn’t Tubbs
buy out Stowe Canoe or vs versa Pete? I get my history mixed up with that whole transistion. I agree with you it is not a MR as the HIN doesn’t have MAD and that’s been the on every MR boat I’ve owned or looked at.


Looks a Bit Like an Old Blue Hole?
Found one on Craigslist with some specs. Definitely royalex, looks similar to the old Blue Hole?

please post some pictures of your boat
This thread has piqued my interest.

Doug, I do not know the answer.

Assuming that the OPs boat is, in fact Kevlar, it is a pretty safe bet that it is not an Endurall. But it would have to be a very early Kevlar hull.

Mad River Canoe has long claimed to have introduced Kevlar 49 to canoe building. According to this particular time line, MRC did not produce their first Kevlar boat until 1974 but first produced the Royalex Endurall in 1973:

The photo of the Endurall that Terry cited suggests that it is one of the original “Warsaw Rocket” hulls. If it was first produced by MRC in 1973 it would almost certainly have to be. The Perception Chattooga was a Warsaw Rocket hull. Here is a photo of a Perception Chattooga that is now pushing up daisies: