Mad River Canoe Model and Material?

Any info would be helpful. Thanks, Rob

Any other pictures? or measurements? Not a lot to go on there. It looks to be royalex, and my pure guess would be maybe an Explorer, but any notion of model would be a pure guess just from looking at that picture.

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No reply from seller. I can only load one photo, new to site. From seller: Mad River Canoe with sail and support pontoons dont have pics of it all set up.

Listed for $650.

Some really weird outfitting.

That ad hoc portage yoke will kill you. The foam straps go over your shoulder and should you fall the aluminum bar in front of your neck would have a say. Is there a real yoke? Probably an Explorer in RX but who knows?

For $650, I’d want more pictures, make sure there are no serious issues. I agree with Kayamedic… is that a portage yoke, or a sitz bath harness? But no reply is a clue…