Mad River Canoe Name

I know this, but can’t remember. What is the name of the model of Mad River Canoe that is like an Explorer 16, but more oriented to moving water. It is discontinued or re-named, but it was a 16’ tandem with a bit more rocker, fullness, and sheer than an Explorer. As I recall the seats were also mounted closer to center.

Old Town had the Appalachian, Blue Hole had the Starburst, what was the similar Mad River named?


Found it!
OK, it was the Freedom, or maybe the Freedom 16Rx. I was confused because there are a few with that name. It turns out Mad River has many of their old catalogs on line.

Incidentally, is the Legend that they offer the same as the old Dagger Legend? I liked that boat too.

Dagger Legend re-branded MR Legend.

MRC Freedom
I have a Vermont built MRC Freedom. You are correct, it is fuller in the bow, has more rocker bow and stern than the Explorer, and both seats are mounted closer to the middle of the canoe.

While its not an original Synergy or Caption, its a pretty good tandem whitewater boat, at least as far as I’m going to take it, which ain’t too far…

It’s probably a better ww river tripper
than a Synergy or Caption, just not as good for slalom or more technical stuff.

My Synergy is actually a rather “wet” boat, tandem and even solo. Nice for maneuvers, but for just tandem ww cruising I’d rather have my OT Tripper back.

ww play or cruising
I’ve never paddled a Synergy, but based on the hull designs of the boats being discussed, I agree with your point. The Freedom isn’t fast, the fullness in the bow tends to push a lot of water aside. But that same fullness keeps it floating above waves, not slicing through them. And the rocker allows it to play pretty well, although I can’t catch smaller eddies or spin as fast as I assume a Synergy could. Overall the Freedom is a good river tripper.

The Freedom is to the Synergy as the Guide is to the Outrage, in my opinion, which ain’t worth much…

it is the Freedom
We have a VT built Freedom. A bit heavy and it doesn’t track all that straight(by design) since we lake paddle it is less than ideal. I will get the sail rig built this year and as I understand it ‘turny’ canoes sail better.