Mad River Canoe/no info on new product

I saw an ad in the march issue of C&K for the new Synergy by Mad River Canoe. I just don’t understand some companies. They spend money to develop an ad, by the ad space and then give you no way of follow up on their website for more info. Even their catalog is outdated!!!

yeah, ticks me off too
don’t they want us to know about their boats? Who knows what they are thinking.

what do you want to know about it? i have a 2007 new products page with the spec. listed on it. comes in a 12 and 14 ft. length

Mad River
Don’t know much more except they will be in the 50 lb range and may be part of the Confluence group.

Saw one in a showroom yesterday
Looks like another SOT fishing kayak. Deep cockpit that will be hard to bail, weighs 60+ pounds, I suppose you could paddle it as a canoe, but it’s really a SOT kayak. And yes, Mad River has been a Confluent for several years, sadly. They used to be a good company.

BTW, I just noticed Perception hasn’t updated their web page since 2004. That’s sad, too.

Mad River
60#. For me that would be a ‘ton’ to handle, especially out of water! Guess it’s Hurricane 120

or something like it for me.

For all practical purposes…
the Synergy is a WS Tarpon 120 or 140. The differences seem to be purely cosmetic as they are both Confluence lines.

it IS different
than anything else out there. It ain’t a SOT kayak, the hull is waaayyyy different.

the sides are higher/dryer, the seat is lower, there are no scuppers. on a SOT kayak the seat MUST be higher to drain. the stability is awesome and it’s pretty effecient moving thru the water.

it does come in 2 sizes and is a hoot to paddle.

sorry about the website and lack of beta.

yes MR is part of Confluence has been since '99.


Steve,do you have any pix you can put on the web. would like to see more than what is in the ad. thanx

not today
but early next week I could.


Mad River
Thanks, Steve, looking forward to them.

That astounds me…
These Watersport companies should know that we’re out here, looking at the snow drifts and dreaming about break up and that first put-in of the season…If I were in charge, I’d make SURE that the “off season” was when I put my product lines and websites on full display, in order to get those customers who are thinking “well, maybe this year’s the year when I retire old faithful to the garage and get a new boat…”