Mad River canoe question Re: Royalex repair

Hello. Quick question regarding royalex repairs. I have a chance to get an older Mad River 14 footer (Trailblazer) . Not many reviews but I know it’s a royalex canoe. There has been a repair made but overall looks to be in good shape. Is it worth $250 (or less)

Do you have any idea when this repair was done, what type of adhesive or resin was used, and what is the “brown stuff”, some type of fabric or what?

250 or less is very likely safe money if that canoe fits the bill for you. If there are others in your market for similar or close money maybe keep looking.

The repair looks a bit curious from the picture, but worse case you could re do it. Vinyl gunwales are good from a maintenance standpoint. Looks like the cane seats may need redoing/replacing soon. Go with webbed seats imo.

Thanks guys. I gambled & got it. The repair was done really well from my untrained eye. It looks like it will hold. He “stitched” it and covered it. It looks less than what it really is.
Besides the repair everything else was solid. The seats & yoke were solid. All the rivets in place as well as no cracks coming from them. I will take it out tomorrow & see how she does. I really like how light it is compared to my other canoe. So now I have 2.
(oh. and I only paid $150) :slight_smile:

If you only paid $150 and it floats, you won.