Mad River Canoe Question

Greetings fellow paddling enthusiasts!

I have the opportunity to pick up an older Mad River Canoe solo in Kevlar. I am not sure of the model and have not found a good number to call MRC at to ask. I will probably write them for some info.

The hin # is MADR3378 M84 I-K. So I know it is a 1984 model. I am just not sure which one it is likely to be.

The canoe is in “fair to good” shape with one area that was patched. What would be a fair price to offer my friend who had this collecting dust in his barn.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.


Good Luck

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Good luck wit tryin' ta git somebody at Confluence (Mad River) ta answer de phone let alone git ye that information.

Fat Elmo

Probably an Independence
I’m gonna guess it’s a Kevlar Independence based on the SN: Though I thought the Independence was released more recently than 1984. I can check the catalogs from back then when I get home.


indy released in late 1990
what are the dimensions?

traveller was a modified screamer with high bow and stern, the pearl, slipper

is a fair price, and you could offer a bit less without feeling guilty, or a bit more if the boat really appeals to you