Mad River Canoe Question

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I have not canoed for years, but to get back into it, I bought a 17' Mad River Explorer for $250. I am wondering about the "care and feeding" of the 1x2 wooden gunwales, as well as the seats. Most of the wood is in good shape, but the gunwales are in need of sanding and varnish. There are scratches in the body but nothing that I think need to be filled, but if I need to patch at some point, what do I use. Can post pictures if it would be helpful.

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p.s. I can't seem to find a way to post images. help?

Lots of info here
I suggest doing some searching here on the forums. There is plenty of info on these exact subjects. I have several canoes with wooden gunwales and whether using oils or varnishes is your preference but storing it out of the weather is most important.

WATCO Exterior Wood Finish

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I have two boats with wood gunwales, and I don’t find that they need a lot of care (although they probably need more than I give them). I always been told to use WATCO Exterior Wood Finish in the green can.

I know you want a penetrating finish rather than a varnish that just sits on the surface.

In terms of scratches and patches, what is the boat made of - roayalex?

It seems to be ABS plastic. There is a crack that was patched with fiberglass but it doesn’t leak.

Thanks for the tip on what to use on the wood, I appreciate it.

On an unrelated note I realize how fat and out of shape I am after an afternoon in that big canoe.

I use Watco on mine
But I use the teak oil. once, maybe twice a year a light sanding, and two coats of oil. Make sure you follow the directions and wipe off the excess. Trust me.