Mad River Canoe serial number and color

Can someone please tell me how this old Mad River serial number works and break up the number. I have a similar canoe a few years newer, and understand that number, but this number is different.

The number is MADAX638b797.

Can you tell from this number if it is a 16’ (excatly) Explorer? Is it Royalex? Is the color part of this number? If not, does anyone know the colors made in the year this canoe was made and also 2000?

If the chianti and the burgandy color were available in the year of the model number above, can someone describe the difference in thses colors? I have one from 2000 I am trying to match and it is a dark red.


Serial Number
It is a 1997. It is likely Royalex unless it is fiberglass as they did not make plastic explorers back then. It is likely 16 feet if it is an Explorer, but AX is the model name and on the confluence Mad River boats Explorers are EX I think. As far as the color it is hard to say on most boats of that age because the outer vinyl layer on Royalex boats fades easily and companies change colors a lot. Hope this helps.


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Chianti and Burgundy? I have a '97
Royalex ww boat and the color was listed as cherry red. I got a can of their Royalex spray paint in that color before they stopped carrying it.

On the fading issue, they don’t fade much unless stored out in the sun. My boat’s now about 15 years old, and a coat of 303 will take it back to original appearance. Some of the “fade” isn’t UV color fade, it’s micro-abrasion from use.

Thanks for MRC serial # info
Thank you g2d, tktoo & Gavin for the MRC serial # info.