Mad River Canoe Tahoe 16 Rub rail

Hoping someone here can help me out. I just got a Mad River Tahoe 16 and need to replace the rub rail. It currently is wood but would replace with vinyl if necessary. I live in Niagara Falls NY and was wondering if there was anyone in the area that could help. I contacted Oak Orchard but it would cost nearly $650 for the repair. Does anyone know of a person who might do this on the side or can offer me some advice?

Thank you,


do you mean

If you can get the wood its not hard to fashion a replacement gunwale… the rub is that you need more than 16 feet.

Do both gunwales need replacing? That price is high to me. I replaced gunwales on a 15 foot solo for forty bucks… That cost was all the wood…cherry.

Rub rail = gunwale
Yes, the Gunwales.

Yes both sides need replacing. Where did you get the wood?

I found a website that has a kit to replace the entire thing but it costs $200.

I figure I could probably replace it myself but it wouldn’t be easy.