mad river canoe

i just bought this boat didn’t even get it in the water yet tell me what you know about his boat. i think it will serve me well.i don’t drive so i will toe it behind my bike this works well with my 10 ft victory blast kayak i use a paddle boy design trailer. any better ideas?

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Check out my post from a couple weeks ago, we just had a discussion about MRE’s. I have a kevlar Explorer I owned since 1982 and will never part with it.

What model Mad River Canoe?
The Paddleboy PB Flyer works well for kayaks and canoes up to 15’ in length and less than 75lbs. It’s the best bike cart that I’ve seen. I’ve also seen some homemade bike carts that work ok.

re pb flyer

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yes i must agree it works great with my kayak 10ft 35lbs my new canoe is pushing the limits it is 75 lbs 14ft so im rite there but i can fit one of my kids both bikes and my camping gear all in the boat to come down stream it is the mad river adventue 14 canoe