Mad River Courier Kevlar Vs Royalex?

There’s a Kevlar Courier for sale on Cboats.

I’ve seen and briefly paddled a Royalex Courier.

With the recent discusion of the differences between the Kevlar and Royalex Explorer I wonder how the two Couriers might compare?



KV vs. RX
Kevlar Courier

-sharper entry and exit, stiffer…more effecient in a straight line, better glide.

-Lighter weight

Royalex version

  • A few inches shorter, softer ends and material…better suited to ehnhanced manuverability (some, not a ton)and bouncing off the rocks.


Good rundown, similar to differences
between the Kevlar MR Guide and the Royalex version.

Tommy, that Courier should be either pristine or dirt cheap. How old is it?

How Old?

I’m not really in the market. Just nosey. Got too many boats as it is if you can believe that.

I would love to take it out for an afternoon some time but Virginia’s to far from Boston for that.