Mad River decals

Hello Paddlers! I need your help. It has been a long while since I posted here, but I’m now involved in a project that again requires your expertise. I’m restoring a 2000 Mad River Malecite, Kevlar with beautiful (and unusual) chocolate brown gelcoat and lovely ash trim. It is a Christmas present for our daughter. I’m looking for an original Malecite decal (the one by the “rabbit” on the bow) and, if possible, one of the “Kevlar, only by Dupont” decals from the stern. Though the lettering on mine is in gold, any color will do as I can have gold ones made from an original. Alternately, does anyone know definitively what the type style used for these Mad River decals? It is a serif font, different from the big Mad River Canoe logo. Some years ago there was a gent out east (NY or PA?) who had, as I remember, a lot of the original Mad River decals. I’d love to find him. Thanks!

This Guy?
This may be the thread that you remember. The fourth person down Openboater says he has a stock of Madriver Decals.

Good luck with the project

There are these

I have never seen a source for Malecite or Dupont Kevlar decals unless Rob Sarges has some.

There are lots of internet companies like this one:

If you are able to make a tracing of what you want, they can make custom decals in multiple scripts and colors.

Mad River Malecite decals redux
Thanks to p.netters alc and pblanc for their assistance. I finally did have a print shop in Massachusetts custom make some new Malecite logos. Since the original font turned out to be custom, they used a photo I sent (along with very specific dimensions) to make up a version almost indistinguishable from the original. I’ll mount them tomorrow and a three year project will be completed. Santa will look good this year!