Mad River Destiny (2007)


Has anyone seen the new Mad River Destiny Canoe? I was previously looking at their Adventure 16, and happened to see this listed in their 2007 new products. Any one have any information on it and/or a comparison between it and the Adventure?



Faster and $200.00 more expensive
Asymetrical hull, longer waterline, same weight. The weight in the broucher is wrong. Peace Joel

Wrong picture
I brought this to the attention of Confluence last week. Instead of having a picture of their “flagship” canoe, they have a picture of the roto-molded bath tub of the Adventure. The site describes the Destiny, but the picture is the Adventure. It’s their first website update in two years, I guess we can cut them some slack.

I heard from sources that no one was buying the Destiny so they pushed production back for a year. You would think that buy not building the boat they would sell even fewer.

Checked it out, and the picture is definitely NOT the Adventure (I have one), and the weight HAS to be wrong. Same material as the adventure, same weight/general size, and there’s no way the thing can weigh that much less. Here’s the link for anyone less “google-savy”.

Looks cool, can’t say by the specs that it would be any better than Adventure, but IMHO, for a rec canoe, the Adventure is already a pretty versatile/comfortable canoe, if you can deal with the weight. One thing I wish MR would have addressed is how to paddle one of these solo. When I tried sitting in the stern, the bow was at least 6" above the water. And with those seats, who wants to sit in the center w/ no backrest?! lol. Of course, it takes very little weight in bow (as little as 35-40# to bring it down and make it very easily controlled.