mad river explorer 16 kevlar or 16tt

advanced beginner… have a chance to buy a mad river explorer 16 in Kevlar or a mad river explorer 16tt both used & within $300 of each being only a few years old in my area. mostly slow river class I/II any advice, suggestions would be appreciated thanks

Hands down KEVLAR
NO doubt,… get the Kevlar! It is a far better choice. the TT or triple tough is heavy, very prone to warping and the canoe paddles far less enjoyably than the Kevlar boat. Its a no-brainer

Are you kidding?
The Kevlar boat without question.

The triple layer polyethylene boat weighs over 80 lbs. The composite is in the mid 50s and will paddle better.

No reason at all to buy the TT.
Mad River never should have offered that design in TT poly. Heavy, warp prone, slow.

The Kevlar version is fairly easy paddling.

Mad River
Did anyone mention go with the Kevlar?!

Mad river
I’m pickin up what you’re putin down


TT fo sho!
Just kidding. Kevlar!

I Do Believe…
…it’s unanimous! Having owned a Kevlar Mad River Courier and rented Kevlar Mad River Explorers in the BWCAW I can assure you; their kevlar is plenty tough. Can you drag it around the parking lot like the TT? No, but your back, both in lifting and paddling, will thank you.

Even though you are going to need to be way more careful with Kevlar in Class II, $300 for a kevlar Explorer, in halfway decent condition is a steal. Go for it.

misread…$300 difference between the
two…still, no hesitation agreeing with the others. I saw TT boats “warped on delivery” and it made me go home and hug my fleet of old, beat, but still straight canoes.