Mad River Fantasy(Solo Canoe)

Ever heard of it?

Ever owned one?

Ever paddled one?

Saw no review on this boat; would appreciate any information you have.


Seen it on video

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Hi Bob,

Ever seen Kent Ford's "Solo Playboating" ww instruction video? A Fantasy features prominently, you should get a hold of that video.

I used to paddle an Old Town Otter, and I think the Fantasy is from the same school/era: approaching 14 long, v-entry hull and not much rocker by ww standards, sorta like a "normal canoe" (Prospector/Explorer) scaled down and tuned up a bit for ww. To get the most out of turning them in tight ww, you really have to lean them onto the chine. (I haven't paddled a Fantasy)

I think the Fantasy is lighter, narrower and not as deep as the Otter, and wetter (the Otter was very dry, but I've heard the Fantasy lacks depth for bigger water). On the positive, track well and carry lots of speed, and have some room for gear.

The Fantasy, along with lots of older boats, isn't listed, but here's a great resource for ww canoes:

Here's a link to Mad River's old boats:

Fantasy 1991 - 1996.

Cheers, Pat.

Watch it Pat
That’s all Bob needs, another boat and he’ll soon be a bachelor again :slight_smile:

Hi Pat!

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I have the video Solo Playboating; will check it out & look for the Fantasy. Have already checked out the 2 websites you suggested; both are great sources of information.


No problem Vic…
As long as “the boss” can get her pickup into the garage, and there is a clear path to the door, I’m ok. Besides, one of the boats is the one she paddles, and it didn’t/doesn’t cost her a penny.

“There is always space for one more boat”!


I have one
I bought my Fantasy new in the early '90s and still use it regularly. Yes, it is pink; the other color choice at the time was lime green. I’ve paddled it on Class II-IV Washington and Idaho rivers. As others have said, it’s a wet boat–usually I have to bail when much larger people in Ocoees and Outrages do not. The thing I like best about the Fantasy is that it’s much faster from a standstill and traveling downriver than many of the newer solo designs.

how bout the ME??
that is the Mad RIver ME . now theres another super weird boat. the original super bo-na-na boat. big and heavy but very forgiving and could spin on a dime. funky looking.

speaking of weird boats Tommy C1 keeps mentioning a Perception Slasher. psycho boat! can you say, edgy? yikes. i bought one for a song years back and it terrified me in moving water. most C1’s are a huge challenge but that thing was crazy. Tom you must be a glutton for punishment or a helluva canoeist, with exceptional emergency bracing.

hey, there’s a new thread…

First off the ME is a sweet fast loooong whitewater solo and a nice wet tandem. If I ever get rich I’m going to buy a kevlar ME from Milbrook.

Second off the Slasher, er what can I say, it’s a love it or hate it boat and I love it. It kept me on class II way longer than an easier boat would but it’s been a hell of a teacher. What keeps me on the whitewater is skillbuilding, progressing from swimmer to roller to bracer to paddler. Getting on harder rapids sooner has no apeal to me. I’ll take them when I’m ready. The Slasher responds well. Good technique is rewarded. Lousey technique is punished.

Since I’ve got to the point where I’m comfortable on III’s in the Slasher I’ve got a Foreplay conversion and I’m hoping to learn to cartwheel it.