Mad River Flashback (solo ww canoe)

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Tell me everything/anything you know about it.
Ever owned one, paddled one? Performance? Stability? Handling?

I know its Royalex, solo, whitewater canoe;
13'1" length, 29 1/2" width, 52 lbs. weight.
Appears to have been designed by John Berry, who started Millbrook Boats. It seems that Millbrook still offers a Flashback model for sale. Appears to have been designed specifically for whitewater slalom courses?

No product review posted.


Belive it is the John Berry
Designed Flashback. Millbrook shows a glass/kevlar model on their web site specs seem to be a little different but I think that is the same basic boat.

I’m thinking the Millbrook Flashbacks were/are glass/kevlar layup, and that possibly Mad River was licensed to make a Royalex version of exactly the same boat???


I belive
That Mad River was making the Flashback and the ME about the same time both were John Berry designs he was making when he owned Millbrook. I paddled a Flashback a couple of times back when John first brought them out. You have to remember this was the start of the playboats, I found it to be a little twitchy compared to the HD 1 I was paddling at the time but that just could have been a lack of skill. At 6’4" and 200lbs I found happiness in the larger ME.

From what I’ve heard those MR designs, Flashback and also the Fantasy solo ww from the same era - as featured in Kent Ford’s videos, are both nice hulls to paddle, but for running whiterwater they are pretty shallow & wet compared to newer boats.

I haven’t paddled a Flashback.


I love my ME. Wish I had found it a long time ago. Mine is rigged as a solo, I have never paddled a more forgiving boat. If you are a big guy (6’4" 240 lbs) like me its a great boat to own.

The Flashback is a Hahn with extended
sides, so it falls quite short of modern slalom and WW designs. I paddled a Hahn back in the late 70s. Nice boat for the time, but nothing more.

Designed by John Berry of Millbrook boats.

Mad River purchased the rights to produce the Flashback in a different(Royalex)layup. This according to John Kazimierczyk.