mad river freedom solo

Hello again! As you can see from my other postings that I am in a market for a solo canoe and I settled on a mohawk oddessy 14. But there is a mad river freedom solo for sale in my local area for 1000 bucks. How would those canoes compare. Should I just stick with the mohawk or is the mad river just awsome? The mohawk new is around 1000 and the mad river around 1250. Thank you.

Freedom, formerly the Guide, is a largish volume, semi v bottom solo that has quite a following with many, larger, skilled paddlers.

How used it is
There’s something nice about getting a brand new boat and putting those first few scratches on it.

I got my new Nova Craft and was a little sad there was a tiny dent on it. I have since beat the snot out of it…but I do remember every little scratch and bump.

How beat up is the MR? If it’s like brand new only been in the water a few times then I’d go with that. Both are nice boats.

The little smoking bunny is cool.


I have a used Freedom Solo

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$1000 seems like a lot to pay for a "used" one.

As I am a larger, older, but not quite so skilled paddler, I like it. It got me through some spunky Class II on the Shavers Fork of the Cheat River this spring, and that was the first time I ever paddled it.

My hubby also paddles it, and he likes it too. It feels very stable and is somewhat forgiving. Oh, except when you grab the gunwales at the same time a big wind hits you sideways -- you're going swimming for sure in that case.

The Guide (Freedom solo)…
is a great boat (I’m definately bias). Very versatile royalex solo designed to be more efficient in moving water vs. open water. That said, she’s a great tripper when loaded.

By the way, who’s the local retailer with one in stock?


I think the Odyssey 14 would be

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a little faster than the Guide/Freedom on the flats, but the difference would not be immediately obvious. The minute you get into even very easy whitewater, the Guide/Freedom will be a much better boat.

I have a Guide, and one really extraordinary thing about it is how, when ferrying, it will "fly" across strong currents, without getting blown down stream if you start to lose the angle. The Guide is actually almost as good at such ferries as my Dagger Zealot slalom c-1, and quite superior to both my MR Synergy and my Millbrook. The Guide also side-slips quite well if rapids aren't too wavy.

On the other hand, while the Guide will flat-spin pretty well when paddled without gear, it doesn't have enough rocker to spin well in wave trains. For eddy turns, you either have to lean hard on the inside cheek, or for a thrill, lean outside and back while you hold onto your duffek.

a friend
It was not a local retailer, the only one we have is champaign surplus and they are way overpriced and staffed with goons. I found out about it through a friend of a friend in covington.

I had a Freedom Solo. I would argue that the Guide and the Freedom Solo are not truly as comparable as one might think.

Biggest difference is in quality I think. The Freedom Solo is pretty crappy quality. Mine was so flexy laterally and in terms of oil canning it was like paddling a margarine container down the river. Really annoying.

Also the FS has less freeboard so is not quite as good in WW.

Other than that I really liked the boat. Sucks for open water though with any kind of a breeze. Weather cocks like a beast.

Also is fairly wide so I found it a bit big for me.

Super maneuverable though and great secondary stability.

I think I woudl go with the Mohawk. Much better built if nothing else and although probably not as maneuverable it is going to track better and do better in a wind in my opinion.


Don’t forget a double bladed canoe paddl

In a Freedom or Solo 14?