Mad River Horizon 15

I have been thinking about getting a second canoe in Royalex for tandem and solo river running and I have been considering the Horizon 15 with the “IQ system” in “Sand colour”.
On Mad Rivers website there isn’t much information beyond the boats physical measurements and the two colours which are available, green and sand. I understand from the limited number of reviews here on Paddlenet that this boat used to be called the Intrigue but was renamed Horizon 15 a couple of years back. As with most of the reviews here, there are conflicting comments about stability, ease of paddling and such.
Can anyone here give me any opinions about this boats qualities or vices and any info or thoughts about the IQ system with the adjustable seats?
I have a Mad River 14TT with the IQ2 gunwale system which I have had for a year now and I am very happy with it, but it seems that there is always someone who doesn’t own a canoe asking if they can come for a paddle with us.
The Horizon 15 is 26 kilos compared to the 14 TT at 32 kilos so my thinking is that at 53 years old and with a bit of a touchy spinal problem I could use the Horizon myself and keep the 14 TT as a loaner.
In case anyone wants to suggest any other brands of canoe, here in Australia we are a bit limited with choice of manufacturers. I can get any of the Mad River range, Old Town are available but quite expensive and we have a Queensland company, Rosco Canoes, making a very good royalex boat but I don’t think it is too suitable for tandem/solo.
If anyone has any good photos of the Horizon 15, I would appreciate having a look at them.
Thanks in advance

Horizon 15
is essentially the Intigue which I owned and liked quite a bit. Not a high volume boat and not overwhelming primary stability. Fairly quick, nimble. I am not sure Mad River has the same quality it used to so be careful.

My other favorite boat in this range is the Swift Mattawa. Faster, better quality and a John Winter design. They are located in Ontario and you might want to call and chat. This model is not in Royalex but the glass model is every bit as tough. The Bell Morningstar is a close relative of this model and another possibility.


IQ System
accessories currently seem to be on indefinite backorder.