Mad River id from serial number

Appreciate any info on this serial number: MADE2263M84D-K. Especially trying to determine model name, length, and weight.



– Last Updated: Oct-04-15 3:48 PM EST –

Kevlar Explorer, built November 1984.

You can confirm this by taking some measurements. If it has a hull with a shallow V bottom and measures 16' 4" in overall length (give or take an inch) and 34 1/2" in maximum beam amidships at the molded hull, its an Explorer. MRC usually added a K to the end of the 12 character HIN on their Kevlar models. Should weigh around 54-55 lbs.

If it is a 1984 build and has the original wood gunwales they should be square at the outwales. MRC went to rails with rounded off outwales in 1985.

Thanks, pblanc! Appreciate the info. I don’t have access to the canoe, but photos do show gunwales looking square on outside edge.

Thanks again.