Mad river ID

Since I’ve been watching for a deal on a used kevlar recreational tandem, this looks interesting. Still waiting for a reply from the owner for details…can anyone tell by the photos what model this is?

It almost doesn’t matter. For $400,
It’s certainly worth a closer look.

I think you’re right. If I can just get the guy to call me before I head out of town tonight…

If it came up here in eastern MA,
and was relatively intact, it’d be gone by now! I tried on two Malecites in the past couple of years and they had both been sold within hours for what I would term “retail” prices. No bargains for the hesitant.

agree it looks like a Malecite
If it was near me, it would already be on my car.

Yep - I was thinking…
…Malecite or Explorer, but it looks shallow for an Explorer. Either way, I’ll take it if it’s as good as it looks. I’m packin’ the cash and waiting for his phone call today. Maybe I’ll get lucky…

What’s the HIN model code for Malecite?
Rob or Jacob could answer, but I think they might be you-know-where. Do you know?

I don’t know
Mine is hanging up and I can’t read see the numbers. Too much of a pain to take it down right now. My garage is full of stuff.

Malecite HIN
The Malecite HIN starts with MAD6 or MAD6X. Composite Explorers started MADE or MADEX. Since around 1999, because of Coast Guard requirements for HIN #'s, they had to change the way they did HIN#s. You can’t identify the model from the HIN since that change.


Thank you, Rob. I figured you guys

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would be headed to the rendez-vous.

"X" for expedition layup, or would that be part of the suffix, like "KH"?


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Sniped again! :-(

Oh well...the search continues and the fund grows...

Thanks for the info anyway, guys.

He who hesitates…
has lost.