Mad River Independence material: fiberglass or kevlar?

Hi all. I have a 2002 Mad River Independence. The serial number is MAD18359E202, but that doesn’t tell me the material. I THINK it’s kevlar, but want to make sure it is and not fiberglass. Excuse the novice question, but how do I tell? The photo is one end of a rounded diamond/oval shape, maybe 6-7 feet long in the center bottom, with kevlar or glass making the rest of the hull. What do I have? Thanks for any advice!


It looks like kevlar with a foam core but to be sure you need to weigh it. Mad River listed the kevlar/airex at 35 pounds and the fiberglass version at 44 pounds.

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Kevlar would have a suffix on the HIN; this is my old

98 Indy

I agree on the weight of the fiberglass Indy. I happened to weigh our 1992 Indy a couple of days ago & it comes in at ~46 lbs with a couple of patches.

But the repair and maintenance is pretty similar. Weight is the best indicator.