Mad River Independence Question

I just picked up a eggplant colored 1997 dated Mad River Independence SR# MADID589D797. The hull appears to have never been used, just some storage marks. My question is about the layup. It is 45.5# per a bathroom scale. There appears to be no gel coat, and the inside of the hull is the same eggplant color, sides and bottom. A post on says with the inside color matching the outside it is a Kevlar ultra light. Is that correct? I would expect an ultra light layup to be lighter than 45.5#. The owner was given this Indy along with a Wenonah Royalex Vagabond. He stored the vinyl gunneled Vagabond on a rack 5 feet off the ground, but the wood gunneled Indy on the ground. Go figure? The gunnels and decks are rotted at the ends. That’s a project for the winter.

I think it’s fiberglass based on this link.

Nice boat. Enjoy.

Catalog lists weight at 44# for fiberglass.
Yes, it’s odd there are quite a few lightly used older canoes out there, and many of them have bad wood. Indy’s and Slippers are surprisingly common. A boon for paddlers who like them.

Thanks, I assumed it was fiberglass, what confused me was the interior color.

I agree with Tom. 45.5 is about what our '93 Indy weighs. At least then the kevlar ones that we saw when we were shopping had a foam core.

The foam cores were called ‘hybrid’. They layered Kevlar, Airex foam, Kevlar, s glass and then gel coat to get to a weight of 36 lbs.