Mad River IQ System

I recently bought a Mad River Express 16rx w/IQ System. I took it out this past Monday for the first time and was livid with the way the seats moved about on the gunwhales.

I called Mad River (no mean feat unto itself) and was informed by the person on the phone that was the way the system was designed. I personally find that hard to believe. I mean when I was done, the port side of the seat was easily 12"-14" aft of the starboard. There appears to be now way to prevent this short of clamping down the channels which are the IQ system’s main feature.

Has anyone else experienced such a problem and if you have, what is the solution?



Might get responses in other forum
I’d move this thread to the Advice forum instead of this one. You’re much more likely to attract the attention of someone who can help. Hope this helps.

IQ still needs work
I was also shocked at how much the seats move while paddling. What I did was spend another $100 on a bunch of the IQ Adjustabe Tiedowns. If you put these at the front and rear of the seat it helps hold them. I also measured and painted lines on the inside of the gunwhales at my favorite positions, this allows me to beat them back into place when on the water. Not only will the seats move but when they are way out of position the boat will twist and not track very well, let alone stay in trim. Be carefull if you do much portaging. I have had the center yoke snap off twice now. I feel your pain about dealing with Mad River. The IQ system is a great idea but it stiil has a lot of bugs.