Mad River IQ2 "Overbag"

I have a 2010 MR Freedom Solo with the IQ2 gunwales, and was thinking of purchasing the overbag used to hold the floatation bags? I’m considering grabbing a pair of these as an easier way to outfit my boat for mild whitewater.

Anyone have experience with these or any of the IQ accessories?

Haven’t seen them. I’m going to drill
the Royalex close below the gunwaless in my MR Guide Solo. It’s really quite easy and the lacing can stay in even when the bags are removed.

If you’re only doing mild whitewater, 30" end bags may be plenty. If you go with the IQ system, make sure it will retain the bags when the boat is traveling on the car, as well as when it is on the water. Note that for full effectiveness, the bags have to be held down and in their ends firmly. If the overbags will do this, they may be a good choice.

IQ System…

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It is my personal opinion that the IQ System is nothing more than the marketing of a bunch of gee gaws that most people don't really need, and will seldom use.

A prime example is the IQ System "glove box".
Glove box?
Give me a break!
The glovebox is not waterproof, and needs to be removed from the canoe every time you transport the canoe.
Check out the price of the "glove box".
Save yourself some money; carry everything you'd put in the "glove box" in a waterproof bag.
Yes, you should remove it when you transport your canoe, but at least when you use it, it's water proof, unlike the "glove box".

The center overbag/wanigan.
Mad River blurb says its; "Simply ingenuity in motion".
You need to follow 7 different steps, a fair sized paragraph in length, and read an additional 2 "notes" to put this "simple ingenutiy" in action.
Again, check out the price.
There is nothing else that won't serve the same purpose, and much cheaper?

IQ Chameleon Camo?
4 straight panels, and 2 end panels.
Best part of a page of instructions for installation.
What are you doing? Hunting out of your canoe?
What are you hunting from your canoe?
If you are not hunting from your canoe; why do you need Chameleon Camo?
Going fishing? Gonna sneak up on some Blue Gills?

IQ System Spray shields:
Quick & easy installation & removal; keeps rain & sun off your legs & lap.
A towel will keep the sun off your legs.
A rain suit will keep rain off your legs & lap.
Compare costs.

Tools: 4 mounting hooks & screws
1/8", 3/16" drill bits, and drill
Phillips screw driver
3/8" or adjustable wrench

Directions: 13 steps, and 3 lengthy notes for the quick & easy installation.
Note #3:As with the addition of any outfitting
component to a canoe, the posibility exists of increased risk of entrapment.

Will you have time to actually go paddling, or just spend the day in your garage, playing with, installing or removing your IQ system gee gaws?

Have they got an IQ Systm porta potty & TP roller attachment yet?

Ka ching!
Show me the money.


P.S. Take air bags out of your canoe when traveling long distances, if you are using a simple & cheap lacing system to secure the bags. Bags are typically more likely to leak from seams, or at the inflation point seal, than from abrasion.

I never take my bags out… I’m sure
there is some wear to to travel, but life is too short to have to remount and inflate bags every time I come to a river I want to try.

One has to keep the pressure right, so the inflation tube must be accessible while the boat is on the car. I did lose a cheap Harmony bag two years ago because I couldn’t get at the inflation tube. The bag got a bit floppy and failed at the base of the inflation tube and the dump valve.