mad river "ladyslipper"

anybody ever hear of this boat model? It’s probably and early kevlar whitewater boat. Any review thoughts? thanks

not ww boat
but it is a general purpose solo…not much rocker, shallow arch hull if memory serves. Fairly manuverable, sort of in the middle for performance. Not a whitewater boat by any stretch of the imagination, not a flatwater rocket either. About 14’, about 26" wide. Estimates.

Flat water
It was a flatwater boat, 14’6". The one I had was 36 pounds, or so, in Kevlar 49 gelcoat. They were only known as LadySlipper the first year of manufacture. They became the Slipper after that. Sliding seat, beautiful woodwork.

I was too big for it at 200 lbs. I found a MR Independence and sold the Slipper (as I always called it) to a woman kayaker. She wanted to switch to canoes. Dropping twenty pounds in vessel weight is a good reason to canoe.

I have a MR Slipper in carbonlite 2000

My recollection is that it’s measurements are:

14’7" long (measured)

27.5" at outer edge of gunwales.

~28" max beam.

Almost no rocker. Sharp entry and exit lines for the bow and stern. Feels pretty quick (my perception, no GPS measurements) Tracks very well. Turns very well with a lean. Great for flatwater and decent for rivers. I really like the handling of the Slipper. I’d like to have a fiberglass or kevlar layup for river paddling - the carbonlite 2000 layup doesn’t handle being loaded with paddler and stranded on a rock in shallow water very well. I use my RX Wildfire for rivers now.

Mine weighs about 46 lbs. I’m 5’6" and 150 lbs.

MoRoxy, I emailed you.
I’ll email you pictures of my Slipper if you like. You can respond to my email to get them.