Mad River Lamoille

There is a Lamoille here in Florida I am considering buying. I briefly paddled one in the past and I know the specs but any further impressions or insights are always helpful. I would rather have a Bell Northwoods to load up but cant swing the price. I currently paddle a Northstar as well as solo Flashfire so the Lamoille may be a bit sedate. Thanks.

It will be sedate in the sense that
at its length, it doesn’t turn fast, but even WW downriver racers didn’t use it for turning. I used to inspect them at races. I think that for “manatee” conditions, it will be a good buy. Even on twisty spring fed springs, it will turn well enough.

for the info. I used to own a Minnesota II which is not a turning boat but did well for speed and actually handled wind on Florida bay pretty well. My concern with the Lamoille is added depth may make it a sail in open water where I would be using it. All is compromise.

Our old Moore is even deeper. Yes,
if you don’t load it with the kitchen sink, it will blow around now and then. On the other hand, if you have a dozen days’ gear and food along, it will sit high enough to run dry.