mad river "legend 16"

-- Last Updated: Sep-09-05 5:33 PM EST --

does anyone have the scoop on this canoe coming out in 06?

not a fan
Im not a fan of mr anymore since they didnt honor my warrenty even though I followed every rule in their owners manual regarding losening the gunnels for winter storage and still ended up with a cracked hull even in a heated gargage. They said they wont honor an royalex hulls since they are not the makers of the royalex…its such a scam. They also waited 47 days to make a descision about my canoe. I will never buy another product from them.


i thought it was going to be something along those lines, but wasn’t absoluetly sure.


That’s good news. Dagger had so many great hulls, the Ocoee (Bell) is back and now the Legend. I hope MR produces some more Daggers, or Dagger/MRC crossbreeds.

My Outrage is no v-hull, but MR has been pretty static recently, Esquif is kicking there butt in terms of R&D and new products.


maybe you should do as I’ve done which is store your royalex canoe on its side in a snowbank for 4 months or so. Done this with my Dagger reflection 4 years now. Almost used it as a sled last year but couldn’t dig it out of the bank…???