Mad River logo- follow-up question

So- according to Confluence, the correct font to use to have new letters cut for a MR Slipper is Cooper Light Bold Italic but they don’t know the size. Can anyone with a 14’-15’ boat from the late 80’s-early 90’s tell me what size those letters should be and the diameter of the bow graphic? Also, if anyone is aware of a source of these ready-made for older boats I’d appreciate contact info.



Give me a few minutes.

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From my '93 Independence:

Overall length of "Mad River Canoe" = 22 5/8"

Height of upper case "R" = 1 7/8"
Distance to top from outwale = 1/2"

H of lower case "r" = 1 5/8"

Max width of bunny logo = 3 7/8"

Thickness of lower pinstripe = 3/16"

Upper pinstripe = 1/16"
Distance to top from outwale = 1 3/8"

Space between pinstripes = 3/16"

All you are missing is the model name which is all caps in a different font. Overall height = 15/16"

PM me if you need tips on installing vinyl. Good luck!

Oh, yeah! Try Rob @ Vermont Canoe.

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He mentioned in the other thread that he still has a few vintage sets. Super nice guy, too. Not sure how well the adhesive holds up unmounted, though. Sometimes the backing gets balky over time. Depends on storage conditions, I think. Fresh stock is a better choice IMO, though there may be nothing wrong with what he's got.

One more thing.

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I looked up Cooper Light and that's not it. It looks more like "Cooper Black Italic" and the spacing has been crowded to the point where the characters are almost touching each other within the individual words.

The example illustrated here looks good to my eye:

Pinstripes are different, but this is how your baby should look:

Thanks very much!
I hadn’t gotten around to thinking about correct “installation”. Your measurements will help a lot.

Mad River Decal
Don’t know if this is what you need but this place has some Mad River decals/stickers.

I ordered some of those
They just came yesterday and are about the size of a grade school ruler- guess I didn’t pay attention to the dimensions. Too funny!