Mad River Malecite Dimensions?

I keep reading things that say the Malecite has a 33" beam.

Mine is more like 36" at the gunnels.

Can anybody tell me if my boat is unusualy wide or is the 33" the waterline beam vs. the maximum beam or what?



Wow! yours is morbidly obese Tommy
Both of mine come in at around 33" with wood gunnels.

No wonder you don’t seem to think much of yours. Do you have any pics? Could someone have modified it?

86 glass malecite
Outside of the wood gunnels the widest measure is 34.75". Gunnel center to center measures 33".

What’s the serial number?

Explain exactly where you measuring in relation to the wood? gunnels.

If someone replaced the center seat without measuring or clamping the hull in place there is a chamce a wider seat was put in. There is enough flex to widen or narrow the hull somewhat.

Hold that thought!
I’ve got to get out to the shed and check the numbers and remeasure.

I believe I measured at the widest point which would be over or close to the center seat.

Thanks all. I’ll post again when I have more information.

I remeasured mine last night
at the widest point, 34" outside to outside of the wood gunnels

I bet that’s an Explorer re-labeled as a Malecite!

Oh, wait a minute, you have one of those too, so you should know the difference.

On second thought…check the measurements on the Explorer too…any chance it’s width is 33"?! Someone playing a joke on you? LOL!


Quothe Emily Latella, “Never Mind”.

I went out and measured at the holes where the portage thwart once was. 33" inside the hull. 34.5" to the outside of the gunnels.

The HIN is MAD6X949L393 K

Does that make it a 1993 vintage hull?

I could’a swore…

Anyway to Brian, I don’t dislike the boat but I do prefer boats that turn more easily. This summer I’ll rig her and see how she sails.

Chuck, I’ve often thought the Malecite looked an awful lot like the Explorer. Same shallow V and all of that. Five minutes in this one convinced me that they are VERY different.

Thanks to all and pardon my mental hiccup.

33" at the gunnesls per this catalog
I think its around a 2000 or so catalog.



Our best canoe for combining solo and tandem paddling. For an afternoon on the lake or 2-3 days of light touring, this is the road bike of canoeing—fast, efficient, sleek, and sexy. Rock-solid secondary stability, a flared dry hull, and amazing composure in chop and waves make it an outstanding lake canoe. Paddled solo, the Malecite is a great touring canoe with huge capacity.

Kevlar® Expedition

The strength and durability of all-cloth Kevlar® construction. Ideal for solo trips or expeditions that feature occasional sections of moving water, or for the paddler who demands an outstanding combination of strength, light weight, and classic design. Available with wood or aluminum gunwales.


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Kevlar Expedition


Kevlar Lite

Specifications - K-Glass

Length 16’6"/503cm

Gunwale Width 33"/89cm

Depth at Center 13"/33cm

Weight 59lbs./26.8kg

6" Freeboard Capacity 850lbs./385kg

Specs - Kevlar® Expedition

Length 16’6"/503cm

Gunwale Width 33"/89cm

Depth at Center 13"/33cm

Weight 51lbs/23.1kg

6" Freeboard Capacity 850lbs./385kg

Specifications - Kevlar® Lite

Length 16’6"/503cm

Gunwale Width 33"/89cm

Depth at Center 13"/33cm

Weight 42lbs/19.1kg

6" Freeboard Capacity 850lbs./385kg

Kevlar Lite




K-Glass / Kevlar Expedition



Beam dimensions
Center width or beam dimensions are always the hull width at center, excluding gunwales. The gunwales should not figure into the width. Mad River Malecites were always 33" wide at center of hull, not including gunwales. Explorers were 35".

Wood trimmed Mad Rivers are easy to measure. Just go from the crack between the inwale and outwale, one side to the other.