Mad River Malecite

I bought a kevlar Mad River Malecite and trying find out if it was built before or after the sale of the company to Confluence. The hull # is MAD15377I001.

hull number
For some companies the last two digits of the hull ID number are the year of manufacture. Since yours ends in 01, I’d suspect that it was built in 2001.

Have no idea when MR sold though.

Bill H.

Built in Vermont…
Based on the HIN#, your Malecite was built in September of 2000 for model year 2001. The last Mad River’s built in Vermont were in December 2001…the end of an era.

Happy paddlin’


Nice find!
Would be interested to hear how the Malecite compares to your Solo Plus.

I would too
I’d be interested to see which one becomes his “go to” after the novelty of it being new wears off. I’ve got both, “and the choice, she’s a clear, Homer Stokes!” uh I mean Malecite!