Mad River ME White water

I’m looking at a Mad River ME white water 15’ canoe and can’t seem to find very much info or specs on it. I’m an experienced tripper but want to start getting into white water. I’ve found a ME from the original owner purchased in '94. It’s used, has cosmetic wear, but still a solid and functional boat. Set up for solo use with single pedestal and straps. Large NRS F&R air bags included. Kevlar skids F&R. Is $300 a good deal for it?

I think $300 is a good price. Anything that floats will sell for near that.

As far as additional information is concerned, there is some pretty minimal information on it on the Millbrook Boats website

The folks over at might also be able to help you out.

Good price
Here’s the description from CBoats

It’s a big boat – no doubt about that, but you see them around on occasion:

Paddle it like this guy and you’ll be doing something:

(I think that’s an ME, but it could be a Fantasy)

The price is very good if the boat is sound.

The ME, designed by John Berry, is a classic design and was the high performance solo whitewater canoe for around a decade. It is very much an old school whitewater boat. Set up as a tandem it tended to be pretty wet unless the team was very light.

me is what we called a “banana boat”

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because of its rockered ends. I liked it better as a solo than a tandem. I found the three madriver boats I paddled to all be a bit wet: explorer, me, flashback but each fun to paddle. If the me is tricked out with a good foam saddle you're way ahead of the game. 300 is a great price for a well designed boat.

pretty boat

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Love the grace of the ME. Knew a couple who paddled one, it was a submarine. That's Jim Michaud in Ecks pix, and he knows his stuff. I think Jims had over a 100 boats, usually seen in an outrage or c1.

I paddle a MR Synergy, successor
to the ME, and similar in dimensions. It is also a somewhat wet boat when paddled solo, but one learns to manage the water intake with route planning.

The ME and Synergy are relatively easy cruising canoes for whitewater boats. Their length makes them a bit less agile than today’s shorter designs, but I’ve learned to stuff mine into some very small eddies with suitable technique. Kayakers have sometimes expressed surprise at what tight maneuvers can be managed in a 15’ banana boat.

Buy it.

If I could find an ME
…still fully outfitted and in usable condition for 300, I’d be all over that.