Mad River Northwoods?

I recently picked up a fiberglass Mad River Northwoods. I haven’t found to much about the canoe on the web, but am excited about its potential as a competitive ACA canoe sailing hull. It will have to serve as a family station wagon for a while before being converted to another “solo toy”

I would be interested in hearing any historical tidbits, design points, or experiences with this design. Thanks, Woody

Did you see this thread?

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Perhaps you could PM Jim and ask about his experience with it?

According to Page 7 of this old 1982 MRC catalog the Kevlar Northwoods swept the top three places and took 5 of the top 9 in the 1980 ACA Class C canoe sailing nationals:

I assume you checked the Mad River archives at:

Also, here on P-Net:

Thats all I could find.
That thread here and the madriver catalog are about all I could find. It will be a month or so before I can take the Northwoods out so I’m a bit curious about the the handling and such.