Mad River Peter Pond?

I know a guy who has a Mad River “Peter Pond” model for sale. It’s a 16.5" fiberglass boat made back in the 80’s. I’ve done the requisite Googling for info, but have found nothing. Anybody know anything about the model. One thing I did find simply said that the boat was made for three years by MR.

MRC Peter Pond

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Out of the double train wreck that was Moore Canoes and Vega Integral Plastics arose Pat Moore's canoe company. He redesigned the LaBrant designed Peter Pond - into what may have been the first asymmetrical recreational tandem. When Pat downsized, he leased the mold to MRC. They produced the boat for a few years, with Moore/Sawyer roving interior and aluminum rails, but it never seemed to catch on.

Neat little tandem.

from the '87 Mad River Canoe catalog
The Peter Pond adds a new dimension to the MR line. Constructed of Eco-glass, our hand laid economy fiberglass laminate, the PP is handsomely finished with anodized aluminum rails and three thwarts, fiberglass decks, and contoured seats.

Novice paddlers feel comfortable with the canoe’s strong initial stability; experienced canoeists find the PP a fast craft with superb glide. The shallow-arch hull tracks well in lakes, ponds and rivers, yet there’s enough rocker to maneuver safely. A flared bow allows the canoe to handle big waves with remarkable stability. The PP is an exceptional value with fine performance characteristics.

Designer: Pat Moore

Hull Config: Slight rocker, Asymmetrical, Shallow Arch

Weight: 69

Length: 17

Gunnel Width: 35

4" WL: 32

Depth at Center: 12

Bow height: 20

Stern height: 19