Mad River Peter Pond

I have the opportunity to purchase a MR Peter Pond that is in really good shape. I have searched the web and can’t find much info on it. Is this hull a good performer? I spend most of my time paddling solo on slow moving rivers with my 100lb chocolate lab. I would rate myself as an intermediate paddler looking for an efficient hull, will the Peter Pond fit the bill?

Thanks in advance!


Didn’t know MR ever made one.
Peter Pond was the name of a very nice Moore canoe. They were made in Indiana until the factory and molds burned down.

We have some pnetters with back catalogs for MR, and if MR did call one of their boats a Peter Pond, we’ll hear about it.

Can’t Find Anything Except This
I remember seeing them in the catalog, because I remember the name. Peter Pond, being a fur trader and one of the founders of the North West Company, the Hudson Bay Company’s rival. The boat was only made 1985-'87.

Here it ist
Here’s a link to archived Mad River Catalogs.

You’ll find the Peter Pond in 1986.

At 35 inches wide and 17 feet long and 69 lbs, it is a lot more canoe than I would want to paddle solo, even with the dog.

Good work on the catalog search.
I agree that the PP sounds more like a tandem.

I Noticed Those Decks…
…look just like the large decks on the Moore tandem a friend has. I wonder if Moore made this model for Mad River and they marketed it like they did with Krueger and the Mad River Monarch?

I was in personal contact with the
Moores back then, and never heard of a link with Mad River.

They did know one another, because both the Moores and Jim Henry were present at the 1974 open canoe Nationals on the Nantahala. I met Jim Henry then, who had designed and raced my Mad River Compatriot.

The Moores had a bad experience because their very advanced downriver boats were ruled ineligible because the splay in the top few inches of the hulls violated a new rule that downriver hulls have no concavity anywhere.

Wow, Pat Moore and Jim Henry?
I’m impressed! I can’t imagine meeting some of those “Pioneers” back in the day.

I’m not aware that I ever met Pat Moore.
I met and paddled some with the older Moores, before the fire.

It’s fun to meet famous paddlers, but it doesn’t transfer in any way. Some I’ve met: Davey Hearn, Scott Shipley, Wayne Dickert, Adam Clawson, Dana Chladek. All Olympic competitors in slalom. Deliverance stunt consultants Payson Kennedy and Claude Terry. Western river master Roger Paris. Downriver racer Jon Pinyerd.

But like I say, unless one gets some lessons from them, nothing rubs off.

But Still…
…even if “Nothing rubs off” it would be a hoot to meet some of those paddlers!

Come to think of it, I was in the
presence of the late, great Mike Gault at a canoe conclave at Ft. Yargo State Park near Atlanta. Maybe Pat Moore was there and I didn’t know it. I’ve talked to Pat over the phone about gunwale repairs to my old Moore Voyageur.

Thanks for all the replies! When talking to the seller I discovered he also had a Sawyer Summersong that was in really good shape. As soon as I saw the Sawyer I fell in love and had to have it!

Pat Moore Peter Pond
I bought a new fiberglass Peter Pond canoe made by Pat Moore from, if memory serves, Hemlock Canoe Works in the Finger Lakes of New York State in the '70s. It is a beautiful boat to paddle. The logo on the bow is Pat’s initials made to look like a canoe bow cleaving a wave. I heard from someone years later that Pat sold the design to Mad River and that they produced it.

Mad River Minstrel
Mad River once sold a Pat Moore design called the Minstrel, that I liked but never sold well because it was not V-bottomed?