Mad River Power Rocker

I have a MR Explorer in Royalex that dates back to my open boat WW days (early 1980’s). I had outfitted it with a kneeling thwart and an ethafoam pedestal for WW, but I’m older and stiffer now and don’t tackle class III’s anymore.

An item on the MR website caught my eye. I have been toying with the idea of replacing the kneeling thwart with a third seat (a nicely contoured caned seat from Piragis). Originally I planned on sloping the seat to accomodate either sitting or kneeling, but I saw a “Power Rocker” #62-30190 and it looks like a good idea to me.

Anyone here use one of these? Pros and cons? Yeah, I know that I could probably fabricate one myself.


thinking about the West Branch Susquehanna trip…

Looks good to me, although I would not
want as much seat slope in the kneeling position as they show in their photo. Also, did they get rid of the float bag bra?

Gotta go now. Have to rotate some gaskets I’ve got stretching in my temp/humidity controlled cellar.

ah, yes
Y’know, Burl, that’d allow you to use your canoe as porch furniture when you aren’t paddling :slight_smile:

Dave (who used the back seat from his '68 Nova as his primary piece of apartment furniture during a less pampered time.)

New to Me
I’ve done a fair amount of looking at center seats and kneeling thwart set ups over the past couple of years and hadn’t seen the power rocker. It looks interesting. I’m assuming that placement of body weight moves it from one position to the other. Any chance that being “loose” like that would be a detrment? Seems like you could hold it steady with a bungee for portaging and cartopping. Might take some getting used to so that you don’t reach forward, shift your weight, have it tilt out from under you and spill your latte.

Sounds like something Mike McCrae ought to have tried out.

A slightly canted but stationary center seat seems to work pretty well for me.

I just put a contoured seat from Piragis into a solo and like it well, but wish I’d gone for the one with the wider seat area.