Mad River Quest?

Found a royalex one at a shop in Rowley Mass…tempting…but have not found much info on it!!!


looking to float me and another…

Good winds


I Think
that the Quest was Mad River’s attempt to build a FreeStyle Tandem back ~ 89. IT would spin like a demon but was Bog Slow; a hull for folks with advanced skills who don’t want to go anywhere.

Rob, what do you remember?


Here’s a description from Mad River
This comfortable canoe has a contemporary, asymmetrical hull shape that is increasingly flared for added seaworthiness The V entry, designed for easy tracking gives way to a shallow arch bottom providing performance you would not expect in a recreational canoe. For maximum weight savings, the Quest can he equipped with our aluminum gunwale system.

The Quest has a Lightweight hull, is a small, performance oriented canoe. Weighing far less than polyethylene canoes, the Mad River Quest paddles easily and glides quickly on ponds, lakes and smooth-flowing rivers. Children and adults will feel secure on casual outings around the summer cottage or on weekend camping trips. The highly maneuverable Quest can be easily paddled solo by installing a center cane seat or kneeling thwart.

Designer: Jim Henry

Hull Configuration:

• Slight Rocker

• Asymmetrical

• Shallow Arch w/Flare

6" Freeboard Capacity:

640 lbs.

Average Weight:

• RL w/alum 54 lbs.

• RL w/Ash 56 lbs. Length: 14’7"

Gunwale Width: 35"

4" Water line Width:31.5"

Depth At Canter: 13"

Bow Height: 20"

Stern Height: 20"

Sounds interesting, if you’re not in
a hurry. But note that 640# capacity with 6" freeboard. It’s a small tandem and not for big camping expeditions.

got one
in composite

I can say that the posters are right It is not fast turns wel. and can be leaned quite well to help the turning (not that you need to:)

The glide is not ban for a short wide boat. It is good for instruction.

I paddled bow in one once
Many years ago at the Farmington Riverton with a mad amazon (the boats owner) hell bent on getting down river without turning once.

Considering that I was quite distracted, thinking she might bash my head in at any moment, I have a remarkably fond recollection of the hull. It was a nice little downriver tandem in mild rapids.

That sums it up.
A maneuveralbe rec canoe.