Mad River Rabbit?

Listed on ebay


lister calls it a “Mad River Rabbit” I do not think so, what do you think?

I think it is the Easter Bunny

Looks like one o’ dem poly Adventures

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pieces o' junk from Mad River ta me.


I dunno

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"latinomama71" says it's Royalex, and that's a paddling moniker if ever I saw one ;-). Brand new, $500 starting bid???

MRC Adventure 14
No doubt about it. Retails for $550 new. The seller doesn’t have a clue.

Adventure 14
in sand color, rotomolded not royalex, $550 new @ Gander Mountain, blems even cheaper. Not for the “purist” but it is what it is - not a terrible boat for going straight in flat water. Bought one as a first canoe, had enough fun with it that it kept us in the sport and we found out what we wanted and expected in a higher end canoe. A stepping stone if you will.